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Privacy Policy

iHealthyLivingTips is a free information providing blog. It provides tips on different common health issues. The blog is also structured to put together a bunch of beauty tips to the health and beauty concerns. Besides health and beauty, iHealthyLivingTips also covers a most important part of health, weight loss.

This Privacy Policy page, however, is written to notify you some common privacy issues like- CookieLog FilesBeacons and other web data collected from your web browser.

All this data and information are collected to track your behaviors and movement on a webpage. And by the help of some specific computer program, the search engine collects all these data. Some of your important data like your IP address, the web browser you are using, GEO location, refereeing links, etc. are collected to determine your presence and behaviors.

You May Ask- Who Will Use These Collected Data And Why?

Well, basically, the search engine i.e. Google, internet ad networks like Google Adsense uses this information to place their ads on our website. But don’t worry, you will be unharmed and your data will never be exchanged.

Do Not Want To Share Your Data With Others?

Then, you can stop sharing cookie using your particular browser option. If you want, you can learn cookie management.

A General Disclaimer About Our Blog

The information provided on our blog does not aim to solve any disease or health issue. All the tips, remedies, suggestions, medications, and supplements cited in this blog are only for learning purposes. Please, consider it wisely before applying any tips that you think may stimulate your health condition. It would be a wise decision if you consult with your physician before applying any counter medication.

Want To Ask Something?

Well, if you do have any questions, suggestions, and request you can email us using our Contact Us page. We will appreciate your approach.

Interested To Know A Bit More About Us?

If you are interested to read more lines about us, you can visit our About Us page. Hopefully, you can learn a bit more about iHealthyLivingTips.com and its AIM.