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How To Cure Sleep Apnea: Some Effective Herbs

How To Cure Sleep Apnea: Some Effective Herbs

The specialists say, sleep apnea is a treatable illness. There are quite a several ways to treat this disorder. Among all, there are some herbs that may help cure sleep apnea though there is no such evidence to back this statement. However, the following herbs are mostly recommended for the individuals with sleep disorder.


Valerian has been used for sleeping aid since ages. There are several studies on this herb have found that it can promote a better sleep. The persons with other sleep disorder like insomnia can get the benefits of this herb. However, it is suggested that if you take valerian herb for sleeping aid, you should not take any other supplements at the same time.


Passionflower is another herb that is often recommended for the individuals with sleep apnea disorder. You can get this herb in many forms such as passionflower tea, extract, seeds, and as organic herb.


San’oshashin-to is a Chinese folk remedy for sleep disorder. It is believed that consuming this herb may help in sleep-time breathing and alleviate the upper airway blockage.

Evening promise oil

Herbal oils like Evening promise oil can help to cure sleep apnea. This herbal essential oil is said to contribute in allergic responses when this herb also works excellent in soothing inflammation of sleep apnea. You can take this supplement with your daily diet or can be implemented before going to sleep.

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How To Cure Sleep Apnea: DIYs

Drop your extra pounds

Your overweight may impact on your sleep; the doctors say. So, to cure sleep apnea disorder you have to cut some bodyweight immediately. The best way to lose weight is physical exercise.

Say No to Drugs and Smoking

Do you take any drugs for sleeping? If you do, then you must leave it today. Sleeping pills are not your friends but killers. Sleeping pills have many side effects and they can be a potential cause of kidney damage. Besides, smoking is hardly prohibited for the sleep apnea patients because smoking enhances inflammation, preserves fluids in the throat and upper airway passage.

Don’t respond your tummy

Heavy and rigorous size of meals can be very harmful for your sleep. The specialists say, heavy meals make you desperate in the bed and may contribute to sleep apnea. So, you should take frequent small meals rather heavy one throughout the day.

Food Recommendations to Cure Sleep Apnea

Your daily food intake obviously has an impact on your sleep. Some foods may contribute a good night’s sleep while others may lead you to a nightmare. However, you may prefer taking the following foods-

  • Pasta with Parmesan Cheese
  • Scrambled Eggs and Cheese
  • Hummus with Completely Wheat Pita Bread
  • Seafood, Pasta, and Cottage Cheese
  • Meats and Poultry with Veggies
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich
  • Sweet Potato

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